Glass House (06.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs) F Floor
Meeting Room I,II (06.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs.) F Floor
Kid's Room (06.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs) F Floor
Fitness (06.00 hrs - 20.00 hrs) F Floor


The best rooms and suites avaliable

Songkran in Khon Kaen and Khao San Road.

Songkran in Khon Kaen and Khao San Road.

  The Songkran Festival is of great significance to the Thai people as it signifies a new year for them. Annually, it occurs from around 13th April to 15th April. Despite the event being marked by water-fighting activities, the primary signific ...
The Healthy Benefits of Eating Lemongrass (Ta-Khrai)

The Healthy Benefits of Eating Lemongrass (Ta-Khrai)

  Have you eaten a dish where your taste buds were singing due to the zing of a lemony flavor? If so, you were probably eating a dish made with the popular Asian herb: lemongrass. Lemongrass, also called ‘ta-khrai’ in the Thai language, not onl ...
New Year’s in Sukhumvit – Rooftop Bar

New Year's in Sukhumvit - Rooftop Bar

  It’s no surprise as to why Bangkok loves celebrating New Year’s Eve. As a visitor, you can find a fun event taking place is any district throughout the city. Some of the city’s best bars to celebrate at are the rooftop bars located in the Suk ...
Koh Chang Beach in Trat Province- Beaches Near Bangkok

Koh Chang Beach in Trat Province- Beaches Near Bangkok

Centre Point Hotel Sukhumvit is our oasis of nature in the bustling city centre. But it isn’t the only place where you can enjoy nature during your stay in Bangkok. Check out the nearby Koh Chang Beach, within easy travelling distance of our hotel, ...
Cook Your Favourite Thai Dishes at Home: Pad Thai

Cook Your Favourite Thai Dishes at Home: Pad Thai

  Pad Thai – it’s a perennial favourite from Thai cuisine. With that in mind, we thought we would share an easy-to-cook pad Thai recipe with you here on the blog. Once you’ve returned home from Bangkok, you can make your own pad Thai at home and remi ...

Children’s Discovery Museum

Unseen Museums: Children’s Discovery Museum There are so many sightseeing attractions in Bangkok, along with a host of entertainment options to enjoy here in the Sukhumvit area. But we’ve noticed that many of our guests come and go without even reali...


Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok with Centre Point Sukhumvit 10

Songkran is one of the most exciting times of the year to be based in Thailand – especially if you’re ready to celebrate in the streets! At Centre Point Sukhumvit 10, we’re gearing up for a fun-filled festival during which our guests can make the mos...

Cool Down with a Mint and Yoghurt Shake and Summer Promotions at Sukhumvit

Centre Point Sukhumvit 10 emphasises guest comfort from the moment that you enter our hotel. One of the many ways that we accomplish this is with our signature ...

Why Do We Give Chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is an ancient holiday with its roots in the Roman Empire and Christianity. But that hasn’t stopped this special day from making waves all around...

Where to join Children’s Day around Sukhumvit Area

Children’s Day, known here in Thailand as ‘Wan Dek’, is celebrated on the second Saturday of January every year. This year, 2016, it will be celebrated on Satur...

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