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Welcome the Year of the Rooster with Centre Point Sukhumvit 10!


This year’s Chinese New Year falls on 28 January, and the entire city of Bangkok is gearing up for some major festivities. Some of the most colourful celebrations will be staged in Yaowarat – Bangkok’s Chinatown district, which is also close to our sister hotel, Centre Point Silom. This part of the city is going to host parades, dragon dances and a host of other activities.

We strongly encourage guests who are interested in witnessing the festival to pay a visit to Yaowarat during their stay in Bangkok. But this is by no means the only place where people will be observing Chinese New Year. For example, in the Sukhumvit area, you’ll see a range of special Chinese menus at local restaurants, as well as some Chinese New Year sales at shopping malls including Terminal 21 and EmQuartier.

If you’re staying with Centre Point Sukhumvit 10 during the Chinese New Year celebrations, please don’t hesitate to ask our front desk staff for tips on where to go and what to look for. They’ll help connect you with activities and festivities in Bangkok related to the New Year.

Enter the Year of the Rooster

As you probably know, each year of the Chinese calendar is represented by a zodiac animal sign. There are 12 years total in the Chinese zodiac cycle, and this year is the 10th – the ‘Year of the Rooster’. According to Chinese traditions, people born in the Year of the Rooster are honest, bright, communicative and ambitious. They’re viewed as warm-hearted, self-respecting and quick-minded.

Much of this relates back to the historical role that the rooster played in traditional villages. Before alarm clocks were common, roosters helped villagers and farmers know when it was time to rouse in the morning. They are punctual beings and strong communicators.

And it’s not just China that has a strong relationship with the rooster. This animal has become an important symbol for Thailand, too. Thai culture has many proverbs and sayings related to the rooster. The cockerel even played a legendary role in the life of King Naresuan – one of the greatest heroes of Thai history. And as you’ll see in the next section, Thailand even has its very own ‘City of the Rooster’.

Lampang: ‘The City of the Rooster’

‘Lampang’ is the name of both a province and a city (the provincial capital) in Northern Thailand. It is located about 100 km from Chiang Mai and has its own impressive set of historical attractions and ancient temples. It also has an interesting mascot – the rooster.

Legend has it that – some 2,500 years ago – the Brahman god Indra sent a white rooster to the locals to wake them up and alert them to the fact that the Lord Buddha was visiting their village. As a result, you’ll see the rooster images and statues almost everywhere you look in Lampang.

We’re looking forward to celebrating the Year of the Rooster at Centre Point Sukhumvit 10. If you’re planning to spend the occasion in Bangkok, be sure to check out our promotions page to see how much